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Taric Ov

Software Eng. 🎧 I build something new every week 🥷 Samurai 😀 Radio-ist 🎙️ AI hassler 🤖

A software engineer who is obsessed with contributing open-source and building in/for public ✋ I write/talk about cringy things 😏 I mean AI 😏 and other moving things.


Before graduation, I freelanced some graphic gigs and UI projects for two years. These skills are still useful today as carry-on knowledge in my field of work.

I am originally a Finance grad who worked in business development and sales before I switch gears and go north following my star, and delve into tech. (I would like actually to mention here these Sales days and how I really enjoyed working at the front lines)

Data was my first entry point to coding and still my dearest gig where I was introduced at first to Python, and this a bit of R to solve problems and automate daily tasks. Actually, that last one took me far forward in time and hit a hot spot in my mind so I used to make custom tools for my non-programer fellas to ease their lives a bit. I did almost 15 tools/commands ✨

Working in Software was the cherry on top of my cake 🥮 where I got myself exposed to the interesting world of solving many people's problems in one shot, I kinda feel like it extends my desire and effort in making these little tiny custom toolings for colleagues, so now it's the same thing, however, on-scale and for common business problems .. so welcome to the jungle

🔑 My keywords: rockN'roll, coffee, travel, startup, ai

⚙️ My tech stack:

  • Fullstack: TypeScript, React/NextJs, Vue/NuxtJs, Sveltkit, Tailwind, NO/SQL.
  • AI/ML: Python, R, Julia, (Scala ~ learning)
  • API/others: NodeJs, Golang, C++

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